New Rebozo Mexican Restaurant Review

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I truly believe that any great restaurant where the head chef is also the owner would have a few commonalities pertaining to the menu. Besides passion and creativity, the menu needs a backbone of items that the restaurant serves all year around. These items will undoubtedly be more traditional or at least have traditional ingredients. In the case of New Rebozo, these items would be staples of authentic Mexican meals such as enchiladas, poblano peppers, fajitas, tacos and so on. Just as you’d expect however, all are done really well here and each have that special touch by chef/mad scientist; Paco. Eat here and you’ll understand why I dubbed him mad scientist. All of these staple dishes may have a special twist or ingredient that will distinguish this authentic meal from most other Mexican restaurants… making them actually authentic. Take for example, the famous enchiladas. New Rebozo actually has several enchilada dishes on the menu but the dish with 6 mole sauces is a must try if you’re a mole fan. Chef Paco took a dish common in most Mexican restaurants and added his unique interpretation of mole sauces. He has 6, count them (and try them) 6 different mole sauces to choose from. I’ll be sure to try other things on the standard menu my next time here which will be soon.
Another menu commonality an authentic restaurant such as this should have is a series of specials that not only uses fresh ingredients readily available but also amazes the consumer in flavor and presentation. Chef Paco at New Rebozo does this with an “Oh My God”. After trying the Chiles en Nogada, my idea of this meal will never be the same. The perfect blend of sweet, spicy & salty, this poor poblano pepper is cooked and filled with ground beef, an unusual amount of fruits and topped with walnut sauce. This is a typical Mexican dish in many households but chef Pacos version is outstanding. If this special is available, it’s a must try!!
I also tried the fish tacos which were also on the specials list. A perfectly cooked tilapia with corn and an outstanding sauce, again, prepared with a great blend of tradition and non-traditional flavors this will not disappoint. I didn’t try it but the ones who did say the home-made tres leches cake and the flan trio were also excellent.

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