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Well looks like Michael Kornick and David Morton have figured out the how to emerge as one of the top burger joints by providing a “Grass Fed Beef Burger” to the public. Grass fed beef is the new black in the meat industry and “I’m all in” as a poker player would say.

I decided to hit the place for lunch and was greeted by David Morton at the front door. I quickly announced who I was and that I owned a food blog called “The Food Father” he said thanks for coming in. I initially wanted to do take out, but was informed that the business was not ready for take out because their take out boxes were not ready yet. David said “they should be ready doing take out next week” so I took a seat at the bar.

I looked at the menu and decided on asking the bartender which one was his favorite and he quickly pointed to # 4 which is a all grass fed burger with roasted hatch green chile, fried farm egg, Sonoma jack cheese and smoked bacon. And then I asked him what type of fries and he said try the hand-cut Parmesan, with a side of Truffle cream. So I quickly said lets do it put that order in.

The food came out quickly which is a plus in my book especially if you are on your lunch break. The first I noticed was the burger it look very good that sexy bun.

This bun is specially developed for DMK. It took  over four months squats perfect this sexy thing. The reason I  like it because it perfectly fits the 5 ounce patty and does not overwhelm the flavor of the burger or ingredients.  Now it was was time to taste this bad girl and boy she tasted so good. The burger flavor was amazing and those hatch green chile’s on it were perfect.  This burger is defiantly a winner in  my book.

Next I need to tackle the fries and they were also good but a little salty for my tasting, but I think they are purposely dolled up with sea salt that way. Next Time I will tell them to hold the salt for me. The truffle cream was very good and creamy.  Though it didn’t knock me out of the park I would definitely consider ordering them again.

I commend the owners of DMK Burger bar trying to make Americans aware of Grass fed beef. Americans are simply not aware about how our nations food supply is controlled by a handful of corporations. And these corporations have created bigger-breasted chickens, the perfect pork chop, tomatoes that do not spoil and this innovation does come with a price. For instance there is now a new strains of E. coli the harmful bacteria that causes illness for an estimated 73,000 Americans we  We are also dealing with widespread obesity epidemic , particularly among children, and an overwhelming level of diabetes among adults.

I fully approve of you trying this place out if you are out in the Oakbrook, and Lombard area

DMK Burger is located:

2370 Fountain Square Dr
Lombard, IL 60148
(630) 705-9020

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